Model Name Play
SPC-824SE 2-Colors pad printer with shuttle and sealed ink cups   
Polymer plate Image exposure on polymer plate for pad printing   
SRA-450DFR Screen Printer with Rotary Table   
MAP Series Marabu - Water-based pad printing ink   
SPCCTSF2 828SDQ1 Two-color pad printer with Independent servo print head   
SS2 450S High-precision round screen printing machine   
SPCT-824RDA1 Pneumatic two-color pad printer(Touch screen control)   
SPCCSF2T 846SD Four-color Servo Shuttle Sealed Ink Cup Pad Printer   
SPCCT-824R-2 2-Colors dual pad heads pad printer with rotary table and sealed ink cups   
SPCCTSF3-868SDQ1R 6-colors pad printer with servo work table, independent pad stroke and sealed ink cup   
SPSF5/C-868SDQ1R3 6-colors pad printer with 5-axis, servo work table, independent pad stroke and sealed ink cups   
SPCCTSF-848DLUV 4-Colors pad printer with servo driven conveyor, LED UV curing and sealed ink cups   
SS2-330FR2 Turntable Precise Flat Screen Printer   
SAA-60PS Higher Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Pen   
SR-130F8-3 3-colors high speed logo / label screen printer   
SR-200HFC Turntable Flat screen printing machine   
H2S 140FK H2S 140FK Dual heads hot stamping machine   
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